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Why choose W&RG?

W&RG wraps can enhance, or even replace, more traditional advertising methods. Wrap campaigns are also more economical because they’re based on a one-time fee, instead of recurring payments.

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is vinyl, backed with a strong adhesive material, applied directly over the vehicle’s original paint. Vehicle wraps are a marketing tool that turns cars, trucks and other vehicles into rolling billboards.

How effective are vehicle wraps as a marketing tool?

Wrap & Roll wraps promote your company whether your vehicles are parked or on the road. Our wraps attract immediate attention to any vehicle that carries them.

What is the turn-around time?

After you approve your artwork it usually takes four-to-six days from production to installation. Production and installation times can vary somewhat due to the quantity or complexity of a particular project.

Will a wrap damage paint when removed?

Vehicle wraps do not typically damage factory paint jobs. In fact, they can protect the paint. However plastic, bumpers or repainted areas may chip after a wrap is removed.

How long will the wrap last?

Vehicle wraps have a life expectancy of approximately five years before they begin to fade or peel. However, their service life also depends on treatment by the consumer. Pressure washing or car washes can cause vehicle wraps to peel prematurely. Hand washing with a non-abrasive detergent and a soft cloth or sponge is recommended.

What is the W&RG warranty?

Any graphics that are defective will be replaced for up to four years, based on 3M/Avery manufacturing defects. If an accident of any kind occurs, we will repair the damage as soon as you or your insurance company provide compensation. Any material wrapped onto plastic, silicone, rubber, or chrome is not covered under warranty because vinyl is not intended for these surfaces. However, we will review all issues that may occur to determine the best solution.

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